Happy Ben

Here are some pictures to prove to Alexis that Benjamin isn't always crying. Some of these are even from your blog, Lex! Enjoy.


is there a limit to how many pics I can post?

Wow, if there is a limit, I haven't reached it yet. Unfortunately they posted in the opposite order than I would have liked but that's okay, I'm not going to redo it.

This is on Antelope Island. Its a nest of baby birds outside of the visitor's center.

Here is Linwood walking down the street after we went to the beach. We were sick of walking through the sand so we took the road. And that's a tumble weed.

The desolate beach of The Great Salt Lake.

You can see where the water is and outside the right of the picture is where the road is. That's why we got sick of walking through the sand.

A "self pic" that Linwood took. He centers them so well. I'm smashing my face against him to get out of the sun.

Here I am doing what I came to do, get in the water.

These next few pictures are to show the bug (insect?) population at the lake. The gray cloud in front of Linwood is made up of brine flies moving out of his way.

He's kicking some more out of the way in this one.

This is the spot on the ground of flies before he kicked them in the last picture. It makes more sense if they were in the right order.

All of that dark area is flies.

Brine flies on a rock.

There are little orangey things in this picture, those are brine shrimp (sea monkeys).

I'm standing in the middle of some rocks.

Now I'm walking.

Here's where I'm about to go in. Note the flies that I have to go through first.

We brought a lunch to eat on the beach and this is Linwood's shirt and the area around him while he was eating. It was a good sandwich though.

I believe the dark areas that are washed up are dead brine shrimp and flies. You can also see that all the little dark spots are flies.

Okay, this is the day before when we were playing rock band with the Bennetts. We make a very good band.

Here is the day before that when we went to Oktoberfest at SnowBird with the Bennetts.

At Oktoberfest. Heidi told us to make loving faces.

This was in the pavilion where we ate German food and listened to polka music.

Here is Linwood's first professional haircut by our friend Delenna.

A view that we might miss when we move. Its the sun setting at the end of our hallway.

This is the recreation of an old picture.

The Mollies

Some Mollies and some Mollies Faithful (the spouse club).

Canning peaches!

This was on Utah Lake a few weeks ago with Burk and his boat.

Me. On a boat. In a lake.

That was tough. I hope it isn't too confusing since its backwards.